Interviews with Geshe Thubten Sherab

Shantideva Meditation Center recently conducted several short interviews with Geshe Thubten Sherab while he was teaching in New York. In the video above, he answers the question, “What is emptiness and how can we apply that wisdom in our daily lives?”

Here are links to all our interviews with Geshe Sherab in this series:

  • Interview 1: We sometimes see powerful and successful people doing many harmful actions towards others.  Does that mean that bad actions lead to good results?
  • Interview 2: What is the Buddhist practice of animal liberation?
  • Interview 3: What is conventional reality?
  • Interview 4: Why is it helpful to think about death while we are alive?
  • Interview 5: What happens when we die, from the Buddhist point of view?
  • Interview 6: What is emptiness, and how can we apply that wisdom in our daily lives?
  • Interview 7: Praise to Shakyamuni Buddha and the Shakyamuni Buddha mantra

These videos are part of Shantideva Meditation’s interview series, presented with the aim of helping students around the world by offering short teachings and advice for their spiritual practice. We hope this resource brings great benefit to all beings.

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