Interviews with Venerable Robina Courtin

Shantideva Meditation Center recently conducted several short interviews with Venerable Robina Courtin while she was teaching in New York. In the video above, she answers the question, “How is it possible to have compassion for those who harm us?”

Here are links to all of our interviews with Ven. Robina in this series:

  • Interview 1: What are dependent arising and emptiness?
  • Interview 2: How does someone create karma, and how does karma ripen?
  • Interview 3: What are the four different ways in which karma can ripen?
  • Interview 4: What is continuity of mind? How does it relate to future lives?
  • Interview 5: If there is no concrete and independent “self,” what is the “self”?
  • Interview 6: How is it possible to have compassion for those who harm us?

These videos are part of Shantideva Meditation’s teacher interview series, presented with the aim of helping students around the world by offering short teachings and advice for their spiritual practice. We hope this resource brings great benefit to all beings.

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