Volunteer Spotlight: Gail

gailI’ve been with Shantideva since Summer of 2014 and volunteering for the last year or so. I volunteer because it is through the effort of volunteers that Shantideva is such a successful center. Volunteering also provides me with an extra opportunity to chat with folks in the group. Many times chatting informally with folks gives me new insights into the ideas that are presented by our teachers.

My volunteer task is helping set-up events – putting out tables and chairs, and so forth – typically on Fridays for weekend retreats at Tibet House. As an architect and urban planner, I spend a good chunk of my time thinking about how space is used. How it is divided up, set-up, and intended to be used by people. Setting up the chairs at the gallery on a Friday evening is like a micro-scale urban planning experiment for me.

Volunteering at Shantideva Meditation Center

Volunteering, or “karma yoga” (a Sanskrit term meaning “work which is done to benefit others”), is a joyful activity that will help create a positive and beneficial Dharma community. Offering service is also a wonderful opportunity to cultivate positive spiritual potential within yourself, and allows you to share your talents in a meaningful way to help others. Make a difference today by learning more about volunteering at Shantideva Meditation Center, or signing up for one of our volunteer positions. There’s a volunteer task for everyone at the Center! If you are interested in volunteering, please email Arnaud, our Spiritual Program Coordinator: email hidden; JavaScript is required. We look forward to receiving your helping hands.

A group of dedicated Shantideva volunteers at Tibet House in 2014

A group of dedicated Shantideva volunteers at Tibet House in 2014

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