A Letter to Our Community: Visualize and Rejoice!

To the Dear Shantideva Community,

I am so happy about the establishment of a more consistent base for Shantideva Meditation Center and I am thrilled to be a part of this new chapter with all of you.

It is as if the community has created the cause to step into a pot of gold! 


  • A fantastic location to grow the community
  • A meticulous renovation currently underway
  • Onsite renovation supervision not only by a professional astute in the business, but one who is an active member of the Shantideva community
  • Space offered at a most reasonable rent
  • A supportive feng shui consultation completed

Visualization can create our external reality and these activities listed above are currently happening. Rejoice!

So let’s keep creating the causes for this first rental space to flourish. It will take ALL of us to ensure its success. That means harmony and generosity. Harmony is the underlying theme from which a center can develop in a most beneficial way. Generosity is the first of the Six Perfections (included in the teachings on how to attain bodhichitta – the attitude of gaining enlightenment to benefit all) and the cause of not only your own prosperity, but a flourishing of all positive conditions.

I look forward to meeting all of you in this new space and enjoying the Dharma together.

With huge love and prayer, 

Amy Miller

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