Community Events

Shantideva Meditation Center offers events and opportunities for our community, including public talks, volunteering and social activism, art classes in the Tibetan tradition, private tours at museums exhibiting Buddhist culture and heritage, and friendly picnics and outings. Click here for a schedule of upcoming events.

Compassion in Action

Compassion in Action (CIA) is the social service branch of Shantideva Meditation’s spiritual program. Starting in 2013, volunteers began to work in small teams to undertake activities such as feeding the hungry, helping seniors, and caring for animals and the environment. For volunteer opportunities, we have partnered with New York Cares, a well-respected non-profit, and also work with other organizations in order to give back to New Yorkers and practice compassion off the meditation cushion. The events are quite popular and a wonderful way to connect with other groups and bond as a community.

If you have suggestions about our next volunteer event or would like to participate, please contact email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Go-Green Events

Over the past several decades, Buddhists have taken a more active role in promoting environmental sustainability and participating in social activism. His Holiness the Dalai Lama has frequently spoken about the importance of caring for the environment as we would care for each other. His Holiness the Karmapa has also taken a large interest, saying that it is our “biggest challenge,” the essential question for the 21st century.

FPMT has increasingly taken a role in environmental stewardship as well. In 2013, Maitripa College hosted an Environmental Summit in Portland with H.H. the Dalai Lama.

For more information please contact Lauren Coleman, Environmental Stewardship Coordinator, at email hidden; JavaScript is required.