Get Involved

Shantideva Meditation Center is continually working to provide a diverse spiritual program to our growing community of students and practitioners. These joyful efforts are accomplished with a sincere motivation – to develop our wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all beings. By offering service and/or support, or simply participating in our teachings and events, you help to bring great benefit to the Center and to the Dharma, as well as create lasting positive potential for yourself and others.

There are many ways to get involved


We are looking to expand our volunteer positions. If interested in volunteering or to learn more about our open volunteer positions, please visit our Volunteers page.

Become a Member

As an emerging volunteer organization, Shantideva Meditation Center relies entirely on the generosity and kindness of donors to offer our programs. By becoming a member, you help to provide the consistent financial support our Center needs in order to flourish. If you have a question regarding our Membership program please contact Desmond Hosford, Membership Coordinator at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Sponsor a Teaching or Puja

You are welcome to sponsor a teaching (i.e., offer a donation to cover the cost of space rental, transportation, housing, teacher and flower offerings, etc.). You may indicate in your donation whether you would like the funds to be used for a specific purpose. You may also sponsor a puja, and request a dedication for yourself or someone in need who might benefit from the practice.

Make a General Donation

You may offer a general or single donation to the Center. Even a small amount can offer great benefit.

Other Ways to Give and Offer Service

  • Offer to provide pro bono professional legal, finance, or management services
  • Help us make connections to potential funders or supporters
  • Host monks, nuns, and teachers visiting our New York community
  • Bring a small offering, food or flowers to any gathering
  • Organize a community event

To learn more about our funding needs and other service opportunities, please contact Desmond Hosford at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Help Spread the Word and Offer Feedback

  • Join our mailing list and stay up-to-date with the Center’s activities
  • Join us on social media: you can like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Google+, join us on Meetup or visit us on YouTube
  • You are always welcome to bring a friend to our events or invite them on social media
  • Share your stories and experiences of the Dharma by contributing to Shantideva Meditation Center’s blog
  • Write us with feedback, suggestions, and advice to help improve the Center

Practice Advice for Shantideva Meditation Students

Lama Zopa Rinpoche visited the Center in August 2015 and during his visit Rinpoche offered advice tailored for Shantideva students.This advice was offered not only for practitioners’ success in achieving temporal and ultimate happiness, but also as a preliminary to our Center flourishing and benefiting many, many beings in diverse ways.

To read more, click here. To listen to the Shakyamuni Buddha mantra, click here.

Volunteers 2013-2017

Allan Tarantino
Amy Krantz
Ann Marie Witzel
Arnaud Berger
Augusto Giacoman
Barbara Standley
Bonnie Costa
Caitlin Bailey
Charles Freehof
Charlotte Lowson
Damion Badalamenti
Dana McCurdy
Danielle Walker
Deborah Stevenson
Desmond Hosford
Duncan Wall
Gail Pickett
George Cuesta
Georges Piette
Gigi Salomon
Gus Cutz
Jacqueline Rossi
Jan Tilley
Jennifer Kim
Jennifer MacLeod Kelley
Jesse Willard
Jessica Robinson
Josh Builder
Lana Popovic
Lauren Coleman
Leilani-Kali Rivers
Lisa Besso
Marcia Rosales
Meg Sweetland-Baker
Mercedeh Mirshamsi
Michael Benjamin
Pamela Sherrid
Robyn Brentano
Rosy Alessandro
Sam Go
Sandra Benedict
Sean Tanaka
Sheila Odessey
Sheila Richardson
Snehy Gupta
Stephen Redenti
Steve Utzig
Tara Baltazar
Teddy Sczudlo
Tricia Clark

Frank Patton,
Peter deL. Swords,
Legal Counsel