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Annual Appeal: Please Help Us Flourish in 2018!

We’ve had another amazing year at Shantideva Meditation Center, including the astounding good fortune to begin establishing a home of our own. Please help us flourish in 2018! Consider becoming a member, or offering a one-time donation. Sustaining contributions to fully or partially guarantee our rent are a uniquely meritorious opportunity. We are deeply grateful for all of your contributions, each of which has helped make Shantideva Meditation Center a vibrant Buddhist community.

Thursday, November 16 – Sunday, February 18

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Nyung Nä Retreat with Ven. Amy Miller

Join us for a rare and incredibly beneficial practice with Ven. Amy Miller at Menla retreat center! Nyung Nä is an intensive two-and-a-half-day purification practice based on Thousand-Armed Chenrezig (the Buddha of Compassion). It’s a fantastic way to purify vast amounts of negative karma in a short time while developing compassion.

Friday, January 12 – Monday, January 15

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Spring Retreat at Garrison Institute

Ven. Amy Miller will lead our fourth annual Spring retreat at Garrison Institute, “Karma and the Nature of Mind.”

April 27 – April 29, 2018

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Tuesday Meditation Series: Warm Up Your Winter, Connect with Your Buddha Potential

Note: Ven. Amy Miller will be joining us on Jan. 23.

Our next Tuesday Meditation series will offer visualizations and mantra recitation, powerful techniques to help us connect with our buddha potential. Each session will focus on an inspiring quality of the enlightened mind manifesting as an enlightened being: Vajrasattva, Tara, Shakyamuni Buddha, and Chenrezig. All are welcome.

Tuesdays, January 9- 30 from 7pm to 8:30pm

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Discovering Buddhism: Death and Rebirth

Note: Ven. Amy Miller will be joining us on Jan. 24.

In this module, we will explore the process of death and rebirth and its impact on how we live our lives. We will see how the Buddha’s teachings can guide us in skillful reflection on the meaning of death and what to expect at the time of death.

Wednesdays, January 10 – March 7 from 7pm to 9pm

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Medicine Buddha Puja & Prostrations to the 35 Confession Buddhas

Join us for our Medicine Buddha Puja! This puja purifies and heals on all levels – physical, mental, spiritual, and environmental. It is considered particularly powerful for those who are sick or have recently died, and for bringing both temporary success and the ultimate success of enlightenment. You are very welcome to arrive early to help set up for the puja.

Wednesday, January 31 from 7pm to 9pm

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