Go-Green Event:
People’s Climate Mobilization

Saturday, April 29 from 6:00am to 8:00pm
at Washington DC

We have the opportunity to join Buddhist and Mindfulness communities in Washington DC and around the world as we come together on April 29th in Washington DC as part of the People’s Climate Mobilization. Buddhist Global Relief has organized the Triple Gem Rolling Retreat as a great way to get there. There are three buses, each of which will be a “Rolling Retreat,” offering participants the chance to be with people from various Buddhist traditions as we travel down and back. Meditate, listen to Dharma talks, and hear important facts–not alternative facts–on the state of climate change. Support yourself in addressing the climate crisis and working for social and economic justice from a place of compassion and equanimity.

“Future generations, and the other species that share the biosphere with us, have no voice to ask for our compassion, wisdom, and leadership. We must listen to their silence. We must be their voice, too, and act on their behalf.” – Dharma Teachers Collective, A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change

Date and Time:

Saturday, April 29 from 6am-8pm


April 29th, 2017 in Washington DC: NYC Rolling Retreat buses leave at 6 AM and return at 8 PM from downtown Manhattan.

To purchase tickets for the Triple Gem Rolling Retreat bus, please click here.

 Information on the People’s Climate March:

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For more information, or if you wish a traveling companion on the “Triple Gem Express Rolling Retreat” bus, you can contact Shantideva’s Environmental Stewardship Coordinator, Lauren at email hidden; JavaScript is required